Fatehpur News: Public toilets are filled with dirt but no one to take care of it

The dream of keeping the city clean by building a public toilet is a mess. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, 48 toilet and 18 urinals were constructed in the last years, but their use is zero. Due to the dirt, it is difficult to pass from these area.

In order to keep the city clean and prevent open defecation, it was decided to create public toilets and urinals under the Swachh Bharat Mission. At the cost of crores,there are constructed many toilets at many places such as  in front of the city’s Abunagar dak bungalow,Kuchehri, District Hospital, Collectorate Campus, Mahajri, Rediya, Radhanagar, Nai Basti, Garhiva, Turabali, Purva, Mau, Bibihat, Sarai etc.

At the same time urinals were built in many places including Patel Nagar, Railbazar, Purani Tehsil, Roadways Bus Stand, Jayaramnagar, Patthar Kata, Jwalaganj. However, they do not have any arrangement for their cleanliness. Municipal staffs do not clean it. Due to dirt, it is becoming difficult to set foot in them.
Kishan Mehrotra, president of Udyog Vyapar Mandal, says that he has given memorandum to the municipality and district administration several times regarding these problems. Reminded many times but Municipal department is not taking any action.


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