BCCI agrees to come under NADA, cricketers to undergo doping tests

The BCCI after years of opposition has finally agreed to come under the ambit of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). The BCCI stated in writing that it would adhere to NADA’s anti-doping policy.

The information was shared by Sports Secretary Radheshyam Jhulaniya on August 9 after his meeting with BCCI CEO Rahul Johri. Jhulaniya stated that from henceforth, all cricketers will be tested by NADA. Till now, the BCCI had opposed NADA’s doping tests and the cricketers were kept out of it.

The BCCI had raised three issues before the Sports Ministry regarding its integration with NADA. The issues are as follows:

1. Quality of the dope testing kits

2. Competence of pathologists

3. Sample collection

The Sports Ministry assured the BCCI that the Ministry would be providing whatever facilities the BCCI requires but there will be some charge for it. Sports Secretary Radheshyam Jhulaniya said that the BCCI is no different from others.


The BCCI was earlier strictly against signing up with NADA. The BCCI claimed that it is an autonomous body and not a National Sports Federation and does not rely on government funding.

The Sports Ministry was, however, adamant that the BCCI was no different and that it had to come under the NADA ambit.

The Ministry, had in fact, recently hed up the clearances for the tours by South Africa A and the women’s teams and it was largely speculated that it was done to pressurise the cricketing body into accepting NADA’s anti-doping policy.